Centerplate: Web Design


Centerplate: Web Design

Centerplate: Web Design


Centerplate needed an online outlet to direct potential new hires to find information about available positions and upcoming jobs.


One Peak designed a recruitment splash web page where Centerplate is able to post available positions within the company and information about upcoming hiring events. The site was designed carefully following Centerplate’s branding guidelines to comply with corporate policy. One Peak ensured the site was easy to operate from the backend so updates could be made easily by the client.

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Centerplate now has a digital access point for recruitment. The company’s hiring strategy now follows a streamlined process. Potential hires are directed to submit their information through the website which ends up in one localized database – this makes life much easier on the Centerplate Human Resource team. People who are interested in working for Centerplate now have a place where they can grab information and ask questions.

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