Spartan Race Canada: Social Media Advertising


Spartan Race Canada: Social Media Advertising


Spartan Race Canada was looking for a way to execute brand awareness and promote their races Canada-wide. They wanted to be able to target individual markets and switch racers who were loyal to another OCR competitor.


One Peak decided to utilize digital advertising on Facebook/Instagram to get fans engaging with the brand on social and boost registration numbers. One Peak developed an annual calendar of social marketing campaign opportunities, focusing on holidays, regions and competitors in the market. The next step was to design graphics and pair them with “buzz-word” copy in order to develop each individual campaigns’ creative deck. Specific registration promotional codes were assigned to each ad to track performance and provide a revenue return report for each campaign.

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By executing a variety of promotional social advertising campaigns throughout the Spartan Race Season, One Peak is able to increase sales in specific markets and improve the company’s brand awareness. Social media advertising has proved to be most cost-effective digital tool to “up” Spartan’s registrations numbers continuously.

Client Name : Sparta Race Canada

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